Geckos In The Elevator Album
Geckos In The Elevator
Jean Caffeine


The Austin Chronicle
Jean Caffeine - Geckos in the Elevator (Joe Records)
With opener "Lucky Penny," Jean Caffeine slides into a groove so familiar that Geckos in the Elevator tricks you into thinking this veteran rocker spent the last decade honing these 11 celebratory, confessional, autobiographical, and gorgeously patterned songs here in Austin instead of Durham, N.C. "Jane Rearranged" and "Winterland" remind you that while the guitarist has a wonderful voice - confident and self-assured - she's an equally fine songwriter in the Marianne Faithful mold. "Love Letters From Laos" builds into a buzz saw similar to "Devil I Know," but it's the anthemic second track, "Hey Austin," that's her ticket to ride. By the time she sings the second chorus of "Hey Austin, I love you," her exhortation of "come on, everybody" incites the natural sing-along into the song. Good for Jean Caffeine, because if she weren't considered in the upper echelon of sainted local singer-songwriters before - and she's moving back to town as this is being written - she just took her place.

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Idee Fixe Album
Idée Fixe
Jean Caffeine


"Passionate words and images, lyrical sucker punches. Somewhere between Shawn Colvin's saltier side and Patti Smith with a sense of humor. Caffeine digs deeply into the scared psyche."
Austin Chronicle

the Jean Caffeine story

From drumming in the late 70's San Fran punk girl group, The Urge and 80's riotous Lower East Side percussion chant band, Pulsallama, Jean Caffeine has a long history of musical hjinks.

Eventually Jean traded in her drummer status and pulled up in Austin, TX where as Jean Caffeine's All-Nite Truckstop she played her garage country for six years on back porches, in beer joints and alternative lounges. The band released a Diesel Only 45 and a self-titled Cd. Eventually the Truckstop ground to a halt and there was no choice for Jean but to finally become a grown-up. Forsaking bitter love, fully caffeinated coffee and her status as a two-bit local rock star, our heroine acquired a driver's license, an art teaching career and a mortgage.

Out of the dissolution of a relationship, a band and a dream, Jean again rises from the ashes-from alternative roadhouse darling and slacker (look for her cameo in the movie of the same name) to the well-weathered rocker, riot, Grrrrrrrrandma, singer/songwriter she is today.

All-Nite Truckstop Album
Jean Caffeine's All-Nite Truckstop
Jean Caffeine
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"Brenda Lee meets Patti Smith"
Austin American Statesmen

The Legend of Jean Caffeine
Jean Caffeine's All-Nite Truckstop Liner notes
by Ed Ward

A dark and stormy night. A trucker comes back into the truck stop he's just left. "Look what somebody left on my front seat," he tells the astonished waitress. It's a baby: a girl. "Can you take her, ma'am" he asks. "I can't have passengers." The waitress agrees to take the child until her mother can be found. Days pass. Weeks. No one every claims the little girl and she grows up at the truck stop, filling trucker's coffee cups and playing the jukebox with her tips.

The years pass and she becomes a teenager. She stops singing along with Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn. She becomes rebellious and one day she runs away. In San Francisco she becomes a punk-rocker. Then off to New York where she joins Pulsallama with Anne Magnusun, Wendy Wild other girls and becomes momentarily famous. But something is missing, and one lonely midnight she realizes what it is. On a highway headed west, an old bus picks her up hitchhiking. A country band has lost its girl singer, a girl singer has found her band.
Another dark and stormy night. The door of the truck stop flies open. "Mom!" she shouts. "I'm Back!" Before long, they've taken the stage in the lounge. The waitress draws close to the door. Parts of it sound familiar, but the jukebox never sounded like this!

Knocked Down Seven Times Album
Knocked Down 7 Times Got up 8
Jean Caffeine
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letter to the editor, Austin Chronicle

"Austin's cowpunk goddess unleashes a seething, soulful catharsis of a rock'n' roll album."
Dallas Observer August 29th, 1997

"...Caffeine flirts with making a Southwestern 'Exile in Guyville' or even (yikes) a Texan 'Jagged Little Pill'... closer to the hallowed ground of Lucinda Williams"
No Depression, March '97

"Miss I-was-alternative-country before-alternative-country-was-cool."
Austin American Statesmen '97

Four Stars
San Diego Union Tribune '97

"cross between Brenda Lee and Patti Smith."
Austin American Statesmen '92

From drumming in the late 70's San Francisco punk girl group, the Urge to, the early 80's riotous percussion chant band Pulsallama in New York. Jean transistioned from drummer to singer/songwriter in the band Clambake and then came into her own in Austin as an Y'allternative, singer-songwriter, backporch, rrrrrock chick.

Jean discography includes the cd, "Jean Caffeine's All-Night Truckstop" on the Blue Million Miles label in Germany and "Idee Fixe" on Joe Records/Innerstate. She also released a vynl 45 on the Diesel Only label.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Knocked Down 7 Times... chronicles and rises out of the dissolution of a relationship, band and dream. "Knocked Down... features guest appearances from Jon Dee Graham as well as Tony Scalzo and Joey Sheffield, Austin top ten heroes from "Fastball" ("The Way".)